Well speaking about Dynami Nutrition, avoiding the clichéd statement: “We don’t make false claims.” We would merely like to establish the fact that we are focussed on creating the best products for you at the best price. The raw materials are imported from the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, China, Russia and Japan and are mixed and packaged in India.(Go, Make in India!) This is to ensure a better price for you. As you must be aware that the taxes are higher on finished imported goods and less on imported raw materials, we aim to help you relish the benefit of it. There might be notions that an indigenously made (Indian) product suffers inadequacy of quality. Ironic though, that Apple is manufactured in China( That’s questionable, now). Dynami means Iron. We believe that our name describes our value system and what we tend to deliver to our customers. We wish to displace this placebo effect and reestablish the consumer’s belief in indigenous products. Dynami Nutrition is synonymous with democracy: it is by the people, of the people, and for the people and we tend to keep it this way, unlike many others.(Not that we are questioning the credibility of politicians.) We hope to become your constant when you are looking to buy healthy and effective supplements with FULL DISCLOSURE AND NO (SO CALLED) MAGIC INGREDIENTS.