They use sports physique types to describe it when someone thinks of their dream body kind. It is not unusual to hear someone compare a mans construct to that of a linebacker, or even a woman’s construct to that of a dancer.

The Swimmers Body: Look no further than record-breaking Olympic gold medal – Michael Phelps to find a body’s picture description. His torso is tone and lean, with well-defined muscles. For men, the swimmer’s body kind has a medium to long torso wide shoulders and a stomach. What sets the body from other types aside is broadness of their shoulders. Their bodies together with posture make for an effect. Paradoxically enough, a body kind for females is somewhat different. They have defined since it shows on their shoulders, biceps, and triceps, although muscles – it may come across as a little bulky or too wide. Trust that there is nothing bulky about the swimmer’s body that is female – such as almost all women athletes, a swimmer’s practice leads which the woman never encounters. 





The Gymnast’s Body: It is easy to spot the gymnast – look for the individual that’s usually short in height, with a torso and muscular legs.

Though male gymnasts are taller than female gymnasts, in general – gymnasts have a tendency to be shorter than the average. Their strength is in the legs and upper body, so tight muscular upper thighs, calves, biceps, and triceps aren’t uncommon. This becomes even more evident in female gymnasts. Taller gymnasts, especially female gymnasts have a tendency to have leaner muscle definition. Most female gymnasts also have boxy hips and shoulders.






The Dancer’s Body: The dancer’s body kind could be identified by defined calves and upper thighs, along or straight chest and lean muscular arms. In men, the waistline tends to be thinner and in women, the back\/lower back is noticeably toned. Now, this is simply a general description – that there are plenty of forms of dance which bring strength and definition to various muscles within the body. Someone trained in ballet may have even a taller and leaner looking physique, whereas someone trained within tap may have more definition in the lower legs.




The Track Runner’s Body: The sprinter track athlete’s body kind is hands down that the most muscular of them all and this goes for men as well as women.

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