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Dietary supplements work exactly as their namesake: they supplement the diet that may be short of some nutrients and completely fulfill the requirement of nutrition.

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Humans tend to believe in omens and associate them with beliefs which may become the cause of superstition. Ironic, that for one an omen can be bad and that the same omen can be auspicious for another. A similar case is it when we speak of supplements. Many think that supplements are steroids but that notion to put it euphemistically is bull’s poop. Supplements do not change the hormonal balance. They do what they do, supplement. Moreover, many users are not aware of which supplement their body needs and therefore due to lack of right information tend to find no effective results.

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Now, we are talking. Do you want a myth? Well, if we told you that the supplement you consume currently has not even 10% of the ‘natural elements’ it so fervently promises would you buy us (Pun intended)? You might question us, ” How can a brand which is reputed and well established exploit the consumer?” We say, ” That’s exactly how with that sort of an establishment !” You ought to realize that these brands spend a ton of money on advertising. Money even theirs doesn’t grow on trees( although it may seem like). The makeup for the production cost by disrupting the composition and selling a substandard and adulterated product to their brand-loyal consumer. The consumers of this market are usually fitness freaks, athletes,etc., and hence there is no compromise monetarily in this regard. This Achilles’ Heel is therefore constantly attacked by the major brands that market ” natural” and sell ” trash”.

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